Sabado, Disyembre 4, 2021

Turnover of books of Kiwanis Club of Makati to Kiwanis Club of Lake City of San Pablo, Laguna

In less fortunate communities where books are scarce and libraries barely exist, book donation is very important. Internet is not always accessible for some to serve as reference on their studies, having books on their side remain to be the most convenient means. 

At the E-Hotel and Resorts in Arnaiz Avenue, Pasig Road, Makati, Kiwanis Club of Makati headed by Lieutenant Governor Elect Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas turned over to Kiwanis Club of Lake City San Pablo Laguna, quite a number of books that students can still use for reference on their studies. 

Present during the turn over ceremony were: Past Lieutenant Governor Elton See Tan, Past Lieutenant Governor TanYu III, District Treasurer Glenda Hufano, Manila Bay President Ezelle Gascon, Past Lieutenant Governor Rona Sacdalan, Kiwanian Remy Bondad and Kiwanian Katrina Capili.

Books promote reading and therefore enhance the vocabulary skills and learning experience of the children. Studies also show that reading books strengthens the brain, reduces stress, alleviates depression and aids sleep. This book donation will surely be of great help to the student beneficiaries in San Pablo, Laguna. 

Kiwanis Club is a non-profit, civic organization serving the children of the world. They make sure kids have what they need to be secure and successful in any community. Kiwanis Clubs in each locality host projects much needed by their community. It could be about developing small infrastructures, mentoring individuals, promoting sports or giving study aids just like donating books and building libraries.

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