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3rd IT SECURITY ASIA 2022 in MANILA Philippines


Trust is fragile and essential in Business Organizations. With rising high-profile cyber threats and attacks in the Philippines before and during the pandemic crisis, how can Organizations both Private and Public sectors become cyber-secure in this evolving digital era? Where are we now in the current IT Security Landscape and what are current challenges need to be addressed?

OpenGov Asia reported that a UK-based cybersecurity firm found that Philippine organizations have spent an average of $820,000 (approximately P40 million) to recover from these attacks – costs that cover the ransom paid, and the costs incurred by the downtime. According to the latest study conducted by a reputable technology company based in the USA, 35 percent of the companies in the Philippines are using outdated cybersecurity platforms and need to be replaced to realign with the trends of cybersecurity Infrastructure globally. The prioritization of DICT for the National Cybersecurity Plan is an indication that Philippine IT Infrastructure is strengthening its approaches and measures against Cybercriminals.

This year how will the current cybersecurity infrastructure mitigate the cyber attacks and what are the advanced CyberSecurity Technologies and Solutions to be expected? Is it time for your organization to shift from Traditional Platform to Zero-Trust Security? Is your organization doing enough to adhere to better Data Governance? What are the cost-effective Security solutions for your Organization? Are you choosing the best Cloud Security Solutions for your organization? How will your organization recover after a disruption caused by a data breach and leak? These are some essential questions that need a precise answer.

Join us as we proactively discuss and tackle the evolving landscape of Cybersecurity with the notable IT Industry Thought Leaders in the Philippines for sharing insightful thoughts and strategies that may help shape the future of CyberSecurity. Rockbird Media is pleased to host this Premium event and pave the way to network with the best IT Service Providers in the ICT Sector whom you can rely upon your organization’s CyberSecurity resilience and readiness.

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