Linggo, Abril 10, 2022

ASEAN SME Academy 2.0 Launching Event “Adapt, Upskill, Excel: Building ASEAN SMEs’ Resilience with ASEAN SME Academy 2.0”

ASEAN SME Academy 2.0 is an upgraded version from the existing online learning platform which already been operated since 2016. It is an online learning platform intended for the ASEAN SMEs with the objective to leverage their capability especially for digital skills. The upgrade aims of improving a learning experience through more centralized, user-friendly, and inclusive resources for SMEs. The upgrade will feature content in multiple regional languages, new visual designs, mobile accessibility, self-certifications, and various resources for SMEs to access.

The ASEAN SME Academy (the Academy) is an online learning platform which was built in 2016 as a joint initiative between US-ABC, USAID, and the ASEAN Coordinating Committee on Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (ACCMSME). It is an official ASEAN platform, co- administered by US-ABC, the Philippines Department of Trade and Industry under Bureau of  Small and Medium Enterprise Development (BSMED - DTI) and the Philippine Trade and Training Centre (PTTC). The platform provides online learning courses and resources to help ASEAN Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in developing their business.

Since its establishment, the Academy has grown significantly, and now offers more than 90 courses and 375 additional online resources for SMEs. The Academy has also reached over 460,000 unique visitors and more than 9,600 active users regularly accessing new knowledge and skills training resources. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to the world’s economies, especially affecting small businesses. Seeing massive changes brought by the world’s pandemic, there is a necessity in synergizing ongoing efforts and platforms to support SMEs adapt to the constantly evolving ways of doing business brought by digitalisation, leading to the revamp of the Academy initiated in 2021 and led by US-ABC and U.S. Government under the USAID in consultation with the BSMED – DTI as the ACCMSME Country Lead. 

The ASEAN SME Academy 2.0 aims to serve as a world-class, attractive, user-friendly, and inclusive MSME learning platform. It would feature localized courses on a variety of topics of interest to MSMEs and would include multilanguage support, new visual, mobile-friendly interface, top online resource for MSMEs, and self-certification. 

In line with Cambodia’s ASEAN Chairmanship 2022’s key theme of “Addressing Challenge Together” by building a harmonious ASEAN Community that is peaceful, stable, and prosperous, the US-ABC and the U.S. Government aim to strengthen the capacity of SMEs as one of ASEAN’s economic pillars, thus empower ASEAN SMEs to become more competitive in domestic markets and better integrate into both regional and global value chains.

The ASEAN SME Academy 2.0 was launched April 8 at PTTC Manila

This launch event aims to generating public awareness and publicity among the target users and stakeholders of the ASEAN SME Academy 2.0, which includes ACCMSME members, related ASEAN Sectoral Bodies and ASEAN member states institutions, as well as ASEAN MSMEs and other businesses, business associations in ASEAN and ASEAN member states.

The launch will be accessible via three channels:
1. The main launch to be organized physically in PTTC Office, Manila, the Philippines;
2. The rest of AMS to participate through Zoom Webinar platform, accessible by members of the ACCMSME, related ASEAN Sectoral Bodies, MSMEs and business 
associations in AMS, and the U.S. Government stakeholders.
3. Live stream for the wider stakeholders via the following social media channels:
     a. ASEAN Secretariat (youtube) 
     b. ASEAN SME Academy 

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