Martes, Abril 4, 2023

Camaraderie to increase collaboration as initiated by Kiwanis 3A Lead in her tenure

You cannot give what you don’t have, for Illos whole day Buffet located at Pearl Garden Hotel at Adriatico in Malate, Manila, they gave all the way, deliciously. 

Kiwanis members from Division 3A which are located around Metro Manila after their civic activity in Quezon City for the indigent children went straight to have dinner at the newly opened restaurant and to continue discussing the next projects for their respective clubs. This is their second time at Illos Buffet courtesy of their Lieutenant Governor, the highest position in their Division.  

The Lieutenant Governor, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas believes for collaboration and to treat the members at the same time to have camaraderie. 

Camaraderie is the spirit of friendship and trust that can exist between people who spend a great deal of time together. When there's camaraderie in the workplace, team members trust each other and genuinely enjoy working together. This can increase collaboration, efficiency, and overall productivity.

“It’s not easy to put up activities especially that all members are busy and giving time and effort to help out is already a plus point. There’s also challenges in being together since the availability of time is different but they pulled off to be in one place with one goal, to share the blessings at the same time. For my administration that started October last year till September this year, I want them to feel their importance with me and for supporting the division which I am doing also in all organizations where I lead. I am also grateful for their trust.”- Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas 

Engr. Grace Bondad in the start of her tenure as the one in charge announced that there will be no payments in all council meetings under her, she’s also the President of Los Baños Chamber of Commerce and doing the same. According to her, she will make it always easier for everyone to attend meetings and making it more fun so that everyone will always look forward to attend.  

Leadership according to Engr. Grace is also saying no. Not everyone according to her has the same goal and saying no sometimes is for the good of one organization. Determined she is to prove also that she has her own kind of leadership, it’s to treat all equally, no red tape and no “Palakasan.” 

“A lot of real leaders comply, there’s no excuses, I am with genuine leaders all the time, I observed, I adapted their best practices and I started to say no. That will give you peace of mind, saying yes to all will not make you happy and I am not that person. If you don’t comply, it’s a no. I am not a pleaser but I’ll prove to you what I can do towards achieving any goals in the table. I belong to a lot of organizations, elected as the first woman president of American Association of the Philippines after 74 years and that’s something already, I am not even an American. What I can promise, I can deliver since I will not stop in achieving that objective.”- Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas 

According to Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, if will be given a chance to help more, she will apply all she learned not just from the different organizations she’s in but also what she learned from her parents, to do what’s best in her capacity for the welfare of everyone, not just for the few. 

Kiwanis members from different parts of the globe with the objective to improve the welfare of the indigent children and statistically provides more than 150,000 service projects annually globally. Glenda Veloria Hufano is the upcoming Governor this October 2023 that will lead  over 5000 members nationwide which comprises 27 divisions.

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