Linggo, Abril 23, 2023

Samg Yup! Salahat-Your Unlimited Food with Unlimited Happiness

Experience Korean Unlimited grill from the originator since 2012.

It is located at Ayala Mall  Trinoma  4th Floor Garden Area. Store hours from 11AM to 3AM.


It offers a special price of 499 pesos per head.

 The package includes unlimited  beef, pork and chicken in different flavors such as bulgogi, yakinku, buljib, gochujang, yangnum and plain.

Various side dishes such as kimchi, marble potato, cucumber, pickled radish, steamed egg, rice, soup and a generous serving of lettuce. 

Not to forget the different sauces, the likes of sesame oil, gochujang, doenjang, ssamjang, that makes it more delicioso.

They have Japanese dishes, coffee, and One can create your own smoothie made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

The very attentive crew with deluxe service and their lovely Manager Maria "Sunrise" Marrise will surely make the customers to come again for a "happy dining"

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