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MerNel's endulges Asia Leaders Awards with signature Cakes and a Flag inspired Masterpiece

June 20, 2024 -MerNel's, renowned for its delectable confections, took center stage at the Asia Leaders Awards held at the Embassy of Indonesia in Makati, Philippines by sponsoring their signature chocolate heart-shaped cakes. In addition, they presented a ceremonial cake inspired by the Indonesian flag, masterfully crafted with an ala-fondant design and filled with rich yema to complement the overall taste and texture of the cake. 

Merle Balicao, founder of MerNel’s, led the cake-cutting and toasting event along with distinguished guests and honorees. The ambassador of Indonesia His Excellency Agus Widjojo who attended the event added a touch of diplomatic elegance to commemorate 75 years of Philippine – Indonesia Diplomatic Relations.

MerNel’s offered attendees delectable treats with its richly moist-textured chocolate heart-shaped cakes. The color red was dominantly visible in a ceremonial cake that had a white ala-fondant design just like the Indonesian flag and tasted very sweet due to its luscious yema filling.

The cake-cutting and toasting were all about unity and celebration, the spirit of Asia Leaders Awards. Merle Balicao thanked Asia Leaders Awards for the opportunity to be part of such a big event, community, and shared moments of happiness. MerNel’s added sweetness to the Asia Leaders Awards, which everyone who attended will never forget. The event was all about collaboration, inspiration, and celebration of excellence and MerNel’s cakes were one of the highlights of the night.

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