Lunes, Hunyo 24, 2024

Tag Media Group Initiates Symbiosis of Nations Culture


The Tag Media Group believes that the Philippines is destined to be the premier business hub in Asia. The Group has helped catalyzed the fulfillment of this vision by engaging with a number of embassies of Asian countries having a mission here in the Philippines and at the same time promoting the synergy of culture between the Philippines and its neighbors.

​Recently, the Group had the honor of holding a cocktail event of honorees for the Asia Leaders Awards 2024 at the Embassy of Indonesia under the gracious hosting of His Excellency, Indonesian Ambassador to the Philippines Agus Widjojo.  On this occasion, members of the Diplomatic Corps, including diplomats from other neighboring countries, have gathered together, not just to do business, but also to share the rich culture and traditions of their respective countries and build camaraderie and good will.  

​Everything about the event was meticulously planned to highlight the culture of not only the Philippines but also of Indonesia as well as other countries.  During the occasion, His Excellency Agus Widjojo wore a Filipino hat commonly known as a salakot. Filipino products were featured to the guests.  The trophies were carefully handcrafted, wooden carvings from the artists of Paete, Laguna, helping their livelihood and business at the same time.  Souvenirs given away were native wallets from Pila, Laguna.

​Ms. Grace Bondad-Nicolas, founder of the Tag Media Group, said that since the national flower of both the Philippines and Indonesia is Jasmine (locally known as Sampaguita), she made sure that the flower arrangements in the event has this besides roses and stargazers.  She sourced the fragrant flower from San Pedro, Laguna - the Sampaguita Capital of the Philippines.

​The Tag Media Group is the only media organization in the country that is doing such activity not just to promote their business but also to share and promote the rich culture of the Philippines to the representatives of our neighboring countries.

​Previously, the Asia Leaders Awards also held similar events at the Embassy of Singapore and Embassy of Malaysia.  Delegates to the events felt something unique considering that it is not the usual corporate type events held in hotels and resorts.  

​In a way, the Tag Media Group is contributing to Nation Building by promoting the cultural heritage of the Philippines and welcoming similar heritage from our neighbors.

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