Huwebes, Enero 28, 2016

Fine dining at affordable price, the place to be "Recess Cafe" #OPENRICE #RECESSCAFE #EATSADATE

Fine dining at affordable price, the place to be "Recess Cafe"
together with gals who likes to scout for eating hub,we easily located Recess Cafe in San Juan N. Domingo. The owner Mr. Abet Tan and chef Andre Clemente was most welcoming  together with Mr Tan's youngest child who is so charming and all smiles.
The cafe just opened last Sept 2015 and the place is full of customers.The diners even have take outs to go with them.The place is accessible, neat, and with simple ambiance.It is open from10am to 1am and can accommodate 24 to 30 customers.The owner and his chef met at their children's school thus coming up with Recess Cafe...taking a break , have fun while eating.Having Chef Andre a graduate of Chef Jean Gonzalez, ensures that the food served is delectable and flavorful. Food presentation is of fine dining class as well as the taste. The salad wrap comes in different variety Sam Tan,shredded green papaya with dried hebe,wansoy,salad wrapped in rice paper  and served with sweet and spicy lime sauce brings out the oriental flavor. Japanese Salad,authentic kani wrapped in rice paper with fish roe served with sweet miso sauce just perfect combination.Pacific Rim, fresh veggies with orientalsukiyaki beef, wrapped in rice paper is good for meat lovers  having it with vegetables.Indeed a special treat for healthy eaters. Lovers of sisig can have a platter of Sisig Rice with it's creamy sauce and crunchiness of the pork being retained,and is a regular order of Mr Tan's daughter. They even serves the favorite of the king of rock and roll Elvis Presly which is waffle with peanut butter,slices of banana,and bacon on top with generous serving of blueberry jam which one can't simply resist to partake. Their Peach Melba with sugar nest on top boost of ala fine dining presentation that goes with strawberry jam.Even the burger menu has a fusion of korean taste . The kimchi Burger is oozing with chili kick and juiciness of the burger...Go go go Eats a date ...Open Rice for another food journey.

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