Linggo, Enero 31, 2016

A Date with Wazzup Pilipinas!

 As we traverse the sidewalk of Makati City looking for KL Tower Serviced Residences Cristine and I saw mommy Leriza ahead of us walking towards the same venue. Indeed such a small world, so we went up together to the eighteen floor, where finding the unit ,a jolly young lad opened the door and gave me a high five which I reciprocated. Inside Sir Ross welcomed us warmly. Gals and guys are already inside the room.On the table of the living room are gifts and raffle prizes. When suddenly my cellphone rang,so I have to take the call outside, at the balcony you can see the breath taking view of the Makati Skyline. While taking the call 

Cristine peep over the door and told me I won . I went inside and a haute backpack was given to me and photo shot took place. The games was enjoyable, fun and everyone participated. Foods, delicious cakes from red ribbon,drinks are on the table where the jovial bloggers did not hesitate to partake.Everyone had more than one gifts to bring home. It was really a night of bonding,laughter and enjoyment.

We even had the time to detox at the sauna. Some of the bloggers went night swimming and stayed for the night...A night of thanksgiving and being a part of it I am most thankful and appreciative of a wonderful moment. Cheers and happy blogging!!!

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