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Fit For Fashion (F4F) Season 2 Premiers On StarWorld Cable Channel January 13, 206

The 14 contestants have been revealed for the second season of Asia’s first-of-its-kind reality show Fit for Fashion premiering on Star World at 8pm, 13 January 2016. They are

1. Lookpong Punyabhuti, Thailand
2. Jess Punch, Singapore
3. Deena Marzuki, Malaysia
4.. Vicki Wheeler, Australia 
5. Kyle Ramirez, Philippines
6. . Marlon Dance-Hooi, Singapore & Malaysia
7. Michael Gelonesi, Australia
8. Anthony D. Walker, aka Anthony Dupree, USA
9. Jackie Zapata, USA & Philippines
10. Vladimir Musson, Russia & Australia 
11. Sam Gaskin, Australia
12. Katherine Patrick, Australia
13. Freska ‘Cika’ Darnadi, Indonesia
14. Attila CK, Hungary & Malaysia

The show, which uniquely aims to motivate its viewers to start their own transformational journeys, will begin 2016 with a bang! Returning with tougher challenges and even more determined contestants, Fit for Fashion will follow these 14 gung-ho individuals who have been plucked from all walks of life. Over the course of 10 weeks viewers will be emotionally engaged and inspired as the contestants seek to redefine their bodies, self-image and self-confidence with the help of fashion experts; Louise Roe and Todd Anthony Tyler, and fitness gurus, Mitch Chilson and Christine Bullock.

Fitness First, one the largest fitness brands in the world, has once again partnered with Imagine Group, an international TV production powerhouse, to create Fit for Fashion. The second season welcomes yet another key sponsor, ZALORA, Asia’s online fashion destination, who play an integral role in making the show even more captivating and entertaining for viewers.

According to Riaz Mehta, President & Founder of Imagine Group, the show’s producers, “Season 2 of Fit for Fashion raises the bar in entertainment in Asia. The scale of physical challenges rival major US shows and the fashion challenges make our contestants look like super models! The first season of our show was a massive success and as a result, we had huge demand from contestants around the world to compete in the show even from countries where the show has not broadcast yet (e.g. USA). Our contestants are hungrier than ever to succeed and will have the audiences riveted with their dynamic personalities."

Echoing Riaz’s sentiments, Simon Flint, CEO of Fitness First Asia, said, “The contestant mix this season once again demonstrates that fitness is a universal language – everybody wants to be healthier, and live a happier life full of confidence and vitality. There’s always room improve your fitness levels and push yourself to go further than you thought you ever could. We’re excited for the audience to witness these transformations over the course of the ten episodes - we hope that they’ll be inspired to get started on their fitness journeys, and make full use of the tools and expertise we have available to help them do so.”
Fit for Fashion (F4F) is the first reality TV show to encourage its viewers to start their own transformational journeys. Inspired by what they see on screen, viewers will be able to download interactive tools including CustomFit 3.01 and a carefully designed ‘Fitness First 10-Week Get Fit Programme’2 which will give them all the fitness and nutrition help they need to start their own journeys of transformation - while simultaneously getting a real feel for what the contestants go through on the show.

In its first season, F4F was enjoyed by millions of audiences across the South East Asia region and ranked in the top five FOX programmes in the fourth quarter (October to December) of 2014. The show also accumulated a strong online presence with around 500,000 Facebook fans.

For more information on the show, please visit http://fitforfashion.tv/.

1CustomFit 3.0 is a unique digital training system designed by Fitness First’s very own fitness experts. CustomFit allows users to create personalised and evolving workouts, set goals, access a library of exercises and video demonstrations (from beginner to advanced), and to track progress...from their mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store starting 7 January 2016.

2The ’10-Week Get Fit Programme’ will be available on Fitness First’s CustomFit 3.0 App. It was created by Fitness First with input from Mitch Chilson, trainer and judge on Fit for Fashion, and a panel of experts recruited by Fitness First. It has been designed to take users on a fitness and nutrition journey that provides them with a taste of what the Fit for Fashion Season 2 contestants will experience over the course of the 10 episode season.

Among the 14, three contestants represent Malaysia – Hungarian businessman Attila Szekely currently resides in Malaysia, sweet tooth Malaysian-born Deena Marzuki and Chinese-Malaysian Australian ‘geek’ Marlon Dance-Hooi. A colourful combination, the trio will surely keep the show’s fans on their toes! One thing they have in common is their motivation as they embark on this transformative Fit for Fashion journey – at the end of it, they want to inspire others to go further and be a better version of themselves – leading by example.

Freska ‘Cika’ Darnadi of Balinese origin represents Indonesia in this coming season. Once an aspiring and confident pop star and model, various life setbacks had made her lose her sparkle. Auditioning and claiming a spot among one of the 14 Fit for Fashion Season 2 contestants, Cika wants to regain her confidence, create an amazing life for her daughter and be an inspiration to women facing struggles like hers.

Despite being confident and friendly on the outside, Jess and Marlon harbours insecurities that have been holding them back from being their best. Quirky is the best way to describe the two contestants representing Singapore. Follow the ‘Karate Girl’ and ‘Geeky Boy’s’ transformation as they overcome challenge after challenge on the show.

Lookpong Punyabhuti is no stranger to the spotlight with her singing success in achieving the fourth runner up spot in Academy Fantasia 2011. Fearless and sassy, Lookpong is looking for a new challenge which will help to bring her to a healthier and fitter life.

Jackie Zapata and Kyle Ramirez represent Philippines in the upcoming Fit for Fashion Season 2. Restless and struggling with stress, Jackie, a first generation Filipino American with a successful banking career, auditioned for Fit for Fashion in hope that the show will give her the tools she needs to reinvent herself. Meanwhile, the well-known entertainment host Kyle is looking to broaden his existing skills and to better himself physically and mentally.

About Fit for Fashion
Fit for Fashion is the first ever reality TV show that brings fashion and fitness together, brought to you by Fitness First and Imagine Group. Now back with ZALORA co-sponsoring Season 2, 14 ordinary men and women from Asia and around the world will come together to work with internationally acclaimed fashion personalities Louise Roe (Host) and Todd Anthony Tyler (Fashion Photographer) and be put through their paces by international fitness trainers Christine Bullock and Mitch Chilson. Over the course of 10 episodes, the show will challenge contestants to push themselves to the limits of what they are physically and mentally capable of – to reach new heights to look and feel great. Each week, contestants will be put through gruelling challenges and one contestant will be eliminated every week until only one winner is left.

About Imagine Group
Imagine Group (“Imagine”) is a leading international TV Production company headquartered in Singapore. Amongst its hit TV productions are The Contender Asia, The Biggest Loser Asia, The Challenger and The Apartment. Imagine’s shows have achieved success not just in Asia but also the USA, Australia, UK and Europe with distribution to over 40 countries worldwide and have received multiple accolades from industry and media, including an international Emmy Award nomination in 2012.

Currently the ONLY production company in Asia that produces large scale ORIGINAL reality TV shows to an American production standard that are sold and formatted worldwide, Imagine has shows in production and development across a variety of genres including Music, Sport, Fashion, Lifestyle, Design, Magic and kids’ content.
For more information, please visit www.imaginegroup.tv.

About Fitness First Asia
Fitness First is one of the largest fitness brands in the world and the largest in Southeast Asia. In Asia alone, as at May 2015, there are 90 Fitness First clubs across Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore, with a combined membership size of more than 215,000.

As part of its ambitious five-year expansion programme, Fitness First Asia is currently investing more than US$100m to grow its Asian footprint by 60%, open up to 50 new clubs across the region by 2018 and increase memberships to more than 350,000. Gym members will benefit from a US$42m upgrade of existing clubs, featuring the latest fitness innovations, new workouts and enhanced staff expertise.

Fitness First’s unrivalled network in the region, new technology, world class clubs and outstanding customer service, means the business is well positioned to expand its leadership position in the fast growing Asian fitness market.
For more information, please visit www.fitnessfirst.com.

About ZALORA Group
ZALORA Group is Asia Pacific’s leading group of online fashion destinations. Founded in 2012, the company has a presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan where it operates as ZALORA and in Australia and New Zealand where it operates as THE ICONIC. ZALORA is part of Global Fashion Group, the world's leader in online fashion for emerging markets.

ZALORA Group’s localised sites offer an extensive collection of top international and local brands and products across apparel, shoes, accessories, and beauty categories for men and women. Offering up to 100-day free returns, speedy deliveries as fast as 3 hours in some markets, free delivery over a certain spend, and multiple payment methods including cash-on-delivery, ZALORA Group is the online shopping destination with endless fashion possibilities.
For more information, please visit www.zalora.com.

About Star World
Star World is Asia’s finest leading female entertainment channel focused on delivering the best entertainment solution to trend-setters and story-seekers of Asia. The channel offers exclusive access to dramas, comedies, reality shows and special live events from the U.S and around the world and features the hottest content from original productions. Star World’s edgy style and urban chic look aims at attracting affluent, young female viewers who aspire to lead smart and sophisticated lifestyles.

Star World is available in nearly 12 million homes, reaching 17 countries and territories across Asia and the Middle East.
For more information, please visit http://www.starworldasia.tv/.

About CustomFit 3.0
The cutting edge CustomFit 3.0 App has been designed by Fitness First to help users to develop their intrinsic motivation to get fit. It features over 750 exercises (with video content) and a Fitness LogicTM system, which will get to know users preferences, delivering a set of inspiring personalised workouts to their phones. Users will be able to track, analyse and share their progress, while comparing their Personal Bests (PB’s) with other likeminded people via leaderboards – anytime, anywhere. The experience is designed to support beginners – educating them so that they quickly feel like experts - and in the process motivating them to build a lifelong fitness habit.

The CustomFit 3.0 App will be available free-of-charge from 10 January 2016 through both the Apple and Google stores and it will be able to collect data (steps, weight, height, etc.) from any devices that push data to Apple Health and Google Health. Fitness First members will benefit from a ‘PT Connect’ functionality which will allow Fitness First’s personal trainers to monitor members’ progress and create bespoke CustomFit workouts for them – allowing them to continue working towards their preferred training outcomes – even while away from the gym. This FREE app is the perfect training partner to help Fitness First members get more from their workouts.

At launch, the App will include a premium ‘10-Week Programmme’ which has been designed to tie into the second season of Fit for Fashion and is available to all users.

About the ’10-Week Get Fit Programme’
The ’10-Week Get Fit Programme’ will be available on Fitness First’s CustomFit 3.0 App. It was created by Fitness First with input from Mitch Chilson, trainer and judge on Fit for Fashion, and a panel of experts recruited by Fitness First. It has been designed to take users on their own fitness and nutrition journey that provides them with the tools to create their own transformation as the contestants will have experienced over the course of the 10 episode season.

The ‘10-Week Get Fit Programme’, featuring step-by-step guides and videos, starts with gentle workouts to build up users’ strength and endurance, before progressing to more intense workouts that will really shape and define the body. It also incorporates a nutrition programme with themes including ‘Quick wins’, ‘Learning to make the right choices’ and ‘Your new way of eating’.  The 10-Week Get Fit Programme will be released week by week, following the journey of the contestants on the show. So, for example, if a user downloads the app on week 3 of the show, they will be able to access week 1 to week 3 of the exercise programme. This premium content will be free to all users who download the CustomFit 3.0 App while Fit for Fashion Season 2 remains on-air on Star World.

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