Lunes, Enero 4, 2016

Healthy Eating at The Ostrich Farm Restaurant

Spending a luncheon at the ostrich farm at the Blue Wave Macapagal Avenue, being served with one of the bestseller drink is what I needed after a sumptuous  and tempting foods of the holiday season. The detox water drink with a healthy mixtures of  mint leave, basil, cucumber, lemon , orange, red and green apple, comes as a refreshing and thirst quenching concoction. The salad on the platter with fresh lettuce, mushroom, boiled egg, apple, together with their very own organic ostrich meat which comes straight from their farm. The freshness of the lettuce brings out the natural sweetness of leafy veggie,eating it with slices of apple, mushroom and the meat of the ostrich makes a complete meal specially for those who would want to watch their weight.
The farmers nachos is just right to the bite and will make you want for more, until you've noticed that you have cleaned up the  plate.

Chicken wings and tender serve with bleu cheese dip. the tender chicken meat brings out the sweetness of honey with the combination of a little saltiness to the taste buds making it more delicious upon dipping it in the  blue cheese.

The Buger is juicy to the taste with the topping of fried egg served in black sesame bun with  lettuce, slices of tomato and fries to go with it.The fries is crispy and easy to chew, one can taste the cheesy flavoring of the fries making it more yummy if you take it with their very own recipe of different dips.

Their menu offer a healthier and delicious  alternative for one who is looking for a guilt-free comfor food.

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