Sabado, Nobyembre 19, 2016

Elorde Boxing Gym Media Launch in Cafe Lupe

Catch your magnificent view of the sunset at Cafe Lupe Hostel and Resto.  It's along Sumulong Highway, Antipolo.  The place offers a One A events and entertainment package. KTV rooms, an open court yard with live band you could sing along with. Their restaurant offers mouth watering menus one can indulge in.

For the health conscious, the Elorde Boxing Gym is now ready to accommodate fitness buffs with their coaches in attendance.

Arriving in Cafe Lupe just in time to appreciate the colorful setting sun. The place indeed has a  wonderful view of the metropolis specially at night when you can be part of the lighted skyline.

Experiencing Boxing training in their Elorde Gym with the assistance of licensed training coach was such fun and enjoyable . I really perspired and had a good workout in the open window of the gym where you can breath the fresh air with the background of the scenic metro.

We retired in the wee hours of the morning, cause time quickly passed by, in our dancing and singing in the kTV bar , It was such a bonding with the bloggers in attendance.
Finally when we check  into our rooms, sleep wouldn"t come cause conversation still went on.
Indeed, everyone had fun and a fantastic time at Cafe Lupe Hostel and Resto.

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