Martes, Nobyembre 1, 2016

La Juenesse Anniversary

A night of beauty and thanksgiving @ La Jeunesse aesthetic Lifestyle Center. 

The center turned three on Oct. 27, 2016.

Dr. Elwyn Narvaez explained the different medical and scientific advanced techniques and breakthroughs to youthfulness and beauty to the guests who were present to celebrate the third anniversary of the center as part of the program. Entertaining music and singer gave life to the party, the founder Madam Naicie Lee Salamagos was very charming and busy going around to welcome the guests, his father was also in attendance for the occasion. There were raffle prizes up for grab, overflowings drinks and food for everyone to enjoy. Before the program started our group of bloggers had the privilege of seeing the clinic, and discover the unique range of treatments and solutions " Bonjour to beauty! "


The center offers Anti-Aging portfolio which reverse the years and turn back the time to bring out the youthfulness of one's skin. Deep cleansing facials, non-surgical facelift, Botox therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, facial contouring techniques. Skin Health; removal of acne, warts, syringoma, milla are available. Slimming and weight management programs; non surgical, non invasive treatments. Skin whitening and rejuvenation and other services are instore for their clients. An evening of jorurney to La Jeunese Aesthetic Lifestyle celebration of it's third existence, More years to come to the founder, world class medical doctors, and licensed nurses and nutritionist and staff. Cheers!

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