Martes, Abril 2, 2019

DOST to showcase R&D result in research confab

To further promote the products and results of government-funded research and development ( R&D ), the Department of Science and Technology ( DOST ) will be conducting its 4th National Research and Development Conference ( NRDC ) on 3 April 2019 at the Reception Hall, Philippine International Convention Center, Pasay City.

Bearing the theme " Harmonized R&D towards Acceletated National Growth and Prosperity ", the annual national conference will showcase R&D products and results funded by DOST and by other partner agencies such as the Commission on Higher Education, and the Department of Agriculture, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Information and Communications Technology, Department of National Defense, Department of Energy, Department of Health, and Department of Trade and Industry.

Twenty-four experts from the agriculture, academe, food, industry, and pharmaceutical sector will be converging in said event to present the products and results of their research through a laymanized type of lecture. Through this, the DOST and its partner agencies aim to highlight the importance of technology transfer in ensuring that the R&D results will have valuable contribution to the country's economic development.

At the helm of event are DOST officials
such as Secretary Fortunato T. de la Pena, Undersecretary for R&D Rowena Cristina L. Guevara, and Assistant Secretary for International Cooperation Leah J. Buendia. Asec Buendia, who is one of the 24 experts to present in the 4th NRDC, will be discussing science and technology initiatives in the intetnationl landscape.

Spearheaded by the DOST, the 4th NRDC is a regular national conference of all government funding agencies and R&D institutes in compliance with the Philippine Technology Transfer Act of 2009 with the purpose of promoting multi-disciplinary, joint, and cross collaboration in R&D; coordinating and rationalizing R&D agenda; and harmonizing all R&D agenda and priorities. For more information on the event, please contact PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICE, Office of the Undersecretary for Rsearch and Development, Department of Science and Technology, Telephone Numbers: ( 02 ) 8372943 or ( 02 ) 8372930.

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