Linggo, Mayo 30, 2021

Hidden Hills Farm By Josefino: Why Green, Pink and leaves formed as Footstep

Green for nature, pink for happiness and footsteps since the concept of the farm is based on the plans of Josefino Bondad. The children likes the legacy to be shared to others and following his footsteps.

Everyday when he was still alive, Josefino Velasco Bondad tendered and maintained Hidden Hills Farm, the name also came from him. The new management just added “By Josefino” to continue what he started and for everyone to know that the trees were planted with full of love by the amazing husband to Remy, father to 3 daughters and son to his Dad, Romualdo who was also a farmer. Romualdo or Ka Madong also planted the Lansones trees in the farm.


Hidden Hills Farm By Josefino is for the family who likes to experience farm living and at the same time enjoying the produce and the activities.


Activities includes;

•Fruit Picking

•Tree Familiarisation Tour

•Lipote Tasting




Everyday, Andrew, the son in law is improving the farm to make it world class soon. The goal is to make it a destination in the Philippines for Agri Tourism and to promote healthy living, farming and family love where everyone can be together.


By Schedule only.

Address: #1 Barangay Imok, Calauan, Laguna via Barangay Mabacan. Boundary of Balayhangin and Mabacan


Landmark: Before Hacienda Macalauan




02 2193503

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