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Dingalan: Paradise of the East a Unique Distination" 10 Reasons Why Dingalan Should Be In Our Bucket Lists!


After over a year of isolation, we’re probably all itching to pack our bags and jump into a new travel adventure. We’re crossing our fingers that the travel restrictions will soon be loosened because our next destination is a hidden gem that has it all – Dingalan, Aurora.


Whether you’re planning for a beach trip with your family, a hike with the barkada, or a soulful solo travel, this underrated paradise just east of Luzon is the perfect destination for you.


Here are the top reasons why Dingalan should be at the top of your travel bucket list:


1. Hills with the best views

Facing the Pacific Ocean and with its rolling hills filled with unspoiled nature, Dingalan is often dubbed as the Batanes of the East. While the two have similarities, Dingalan’s is an alluring travel destination in its own right. The town’s hill top offers two vantage points: The Lighthouse and the View Deck. Either offers a front row seat to Dingalan’s unmatched nature show – blue skies with singing birds, calm cerulean seas, and lush greeneries surrounding the Sierra Madre mountain range. It only takes a short hike and reaching the top feels like reaching heaven – you’ll never want to go back down.


2. Untouched Waterfalls

Believe us, you definitely have to chase Dingalan’s waterfalls. The coastal town is home to five of the country’s untouched waterfalls – all boasting of cool and clear pools and beautiful rock formations. Tanawan Falls is probably the most ‘known’ to locals and tourists, and yet the town’s tourism office is able to maintain its natural and isolated beauty. If you’re lucky, you can even have the whole waterfalls for yourself and enjoy the most refreshing waters with beautiful butterflies and dragonflies flying around.


3. Lamao Cave

If you’re adventurous enough, Dingalan will reward you with a hidden treasure: a waterfall inside a cave. Getting there might be a little rough as the currents get stronger the deeper you go in, but the adventure will surely be worth it!


4. Matawe Beach

Dingalan boasts of many mesmerizing beaches with white sand, but Matawe Beach is a different level of magnificence. The low tide reveals many of the beach’s unique rock formations that you can climb up for that Instagram-worthy photo! It also has tiny pools of that you can swim in solo.


5. Fresh Seafood

Since Dingalan is a coastal area, fresh-off-the-boat seafood is never inadequate. You can get them from town markets or side street stores and ask your tour guide to have someone cook them for you. Our mouths water at the thought of freshly caught shrimps, crabs, squids and Dingalan’s best product from the sea–


6. The Bariles

More commonly known as tuna, fresh bariles is one of Dingalan’s most exported products. The town is currently the largest supplier of bariles in Luzon, earning them the title The Next Tuna Capital of the North.


7. Intertidal Pools

Dingalan has 10 of these natural creations! The magic happens when the tide levels are just right: the ocean reveals pockets of isolated seawater. They’re the perfect spot if you want to have some solo time in the beach whilst enjoying the breeze and watching the sunrise or sunset.


8. The DingaleƱos

You’ll never feel far from home because everyone in this town is friendly and warm. They’re probably one of the most hospitable people in the country – always willing to help out and greet you Maedup! whenever they see you. It’s as if you’re part of their tight-knit family!


9. Unique Pre-Nup and Wedding Destination

With its natural scenic views of rich mountain ranges, azure oceans, and clear waterfalls, Dingalan can definitely cater to whatever wedding theme you have in mind – may it be a summer vibe, a picturesque countryside, or a wild tropical adventure. On top of that, Dingalan is an accessible location since there are a lot of transportation and tour options available to reach the area–


10. And the best of them all: CGV Travel and Communications

CGV Travel and Communications is a locally owned travel operator that caters to a lot of destinations in the country. Their head office is based in Dingalan and the owner is a true blue DingaleƱo so you can trust their knowledge about the top destinations in town. They are also certified and regulated by the local tourism office so rest assured that they have trained travel staff and the best yet most affordable tour packages. 


That’s the top 10 but you’ll find a thousand more reasons to visit Dingalan and fall in love with it over and over again. For more details about Dingalan, CGV Travel and Communications is digitally present on Facebook ( and through the following numbers: (042) 7356-1299 or +639164186742.

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