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AsiaPrime Philippines at Asia Leaders Awards 2021

 The global health crisis is making it hard to a lot of companies to survive especially with the different mandates of the government. But there are some companies that are really thriving even with the global health crisis.


Since the establishment of AsiaPrime Philippines Corporation , they have achieved sustained growth by constantly creating new services with a philosophy of identifying and resolving areas of business owners' inconvenience.

 The Toll Manufacturing and Toll Packaging service enable business owners to concentrate their resources on their core businesses. It is an outsourcing service that helps to improve business efficiency and to minimize expenses. APPC assists clients in lifting revenues through, facilities, manufacturing, and packaging equipment to process their raw materials or semi-finished products.


Based on the healthy organizational culture and business experience in the national and global market, APPC promise that all employees at Asiaprime Philippines Corporation, will provide you with the optimal value by maximizing our capabilities and holding the highest competitiveness.


In the future, too, Asiaprime Philippines Corporation aims to stand at the forefront of manufacturing and packaging solutions change, turning innovative technology into value for business owners and end-users.


“Furthermore, by adopting the values of fairness and transparency into our management, we will continue to make our "Premier Service" brand attractive to business owners and consumers, and we will become an essential part of our community, always aiming to earn the gratitude of our clients.”-Asiaprime Philippines Corporation Lerma M. Bernabe, President & CEO


The company is nominated at Asia Leaders Awards 2021 with slogan, “Hope and Optimism.”


Asia Leaders Awards is the only acknowledgment and recognition giving body with organisations and embassies as part of the awards committee, is the largest business awards event in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Its objective  is to promote the Philippines as a premier business hub in Asia and beyond. The event is considered a must-attend occasion for business and government leaders across the country and beyond.


To nominate, www.asialeadersawards.Asia 

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