Linggo, Mayo 9, 2021

CGV Travel and Communications, Gateway to Experience Dingalan!

A hidden paradise is most likely to be associated with a beautiful place not yet known to the public juxtapose to crowded tourist destinations, a sanctuary full of explorations and adventures, Dingalan is your place to be! The southernmost  town in the province of Aurora-the eastcoast of Central Luzon fronting the roaring  Pacific Ocean. Let CGV Travel and Communications make your adventure worthwhile, they will arrange your vacation from end to end, hassle-free and indubitably fun!


"With our mission to introduce Dingalan to the world, this hidden gem deserves the spotlight because of its wild and treacherous landscape. Dingalan is a unique destination distinct from other places here in the Philippines! One will get to enjoy the ragged and rustic vibe compared to Bali, Indonesia and a scenic mountain view and hills akin to Batanes. But Dingalan is truly incomparable and should be known for its own beauty and rare mystery. Visit Dingalan, let us fulfill your dreams and make it a reality!" exclaimed by Mr. Cyrus G. Villarosa, owner of CGV Travel and Communications.

Dingalan boasts emerging hotspots such as inland nature wonders, picturesque mountain peaks, spectacular waterfalls and cave system. Enjoy activities like swimming, snorkeling and hiking. This stunning destination is accessibly reachable from Manila for around 3-4 hours. 

You can reach CGV Travel and Communications thru Facebook and via the following digits (042) 7356-1299 or 639164186742.

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