Sabado, Abril 29, 2017

Amihan Global Strategies Launches AMIHAN CLOUD BLOCKS, a Cloud-Native Infrastructure to Accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation.
New technology enables entetprises in Southeast Asia to become modern,digital companies through hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Los Angeles, CA and Manila, Philippines - Amihan Global Strategies announces the immediate availability of AMIHAN CLOUD BLOCKS, a cloud - native infrastructure solution that accelerates digital transformation by augmenting the existing IT systems of large enterprises with the agility of remote servers in the cloud.

AMIHAN CLOUD BLOCKS merges the best of two worlds: world-class technology, based on Google's pioneering Kubernetes Platform, and regional expertise catering to the specific needs of the largest enterprise in the ASEAN Region. Designed as8 a fully managed service solution and 100% OPEX subscription model, AMIHAN CLOUD BLOCKS is the only cloud solution that is optimized for Southeast Asia.


" The cloud is step one of digital transformation, " said Winston Damarillo, Executive Chairman of Amihan. "It's the infrastructure for innovation that allows you to experiment, grow, and adopt in ways that are necessary to keep up with the pace of customers' digital appetites."

AMIHAN CLOUD BLOCKS enables companies to deploy new services faster, harmonize legacy and next generation apps in a unified ecosystem, and perform complex data analytics all in a single platform. It aims to transform the IT infrastructure of legacy companies, starting with their data center: the nucleus that powers business applications and houses business intelligence.

AMIHAN CLOUD BLOCKS is based on Kubernetes, a container management tool that was initially developed by Google and is now managed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation ( CNCF ), of which Amihan is a member. Furthermore, AMIHAN CLOUD BLOCKS is built on the NEC DC 2000 hardware platform, which delivers world-leading density of compute, memory and storage.

" NEC is excited to collaborate with AMIHAN to deliver a state of the art Cloud Native Platform in Southeast Asia, " says Tatsunori Shibata ( Head of Go-to-market, Bigdata & Cloud platform business, NEC Corporation ). " The NEC DX 2000 is a perfect fit for the workloads of the fastest growing digital companies in the region. "


Digital transformation is a complex process that involves drastic changes in culture, business practices and IT Systems. AMIHAN CLOUD BLOCKS simplifies this by minimizing time spent on compatibility issues, unifying data sources, investing in new systems, and ensuring latest cybersecurity and data privacy standards.

AMIHAN CLOUD BLOCKS enables a deliberate transformation of a company's existing IT systems to the cloud through its virtualization platform based on Open Stack, which will house legacy Linux and windows servers, Acaleph Storage, a data secure enterprise wide storage platform; and Kubernetes-managed Docker to accelerate application development. In addition, AMIHAN CLOUD BLOCKS can seamlessly federate with Google Cloud Platform to enable a scalable hybrid-cloud across all its services.

" Enterprises are using open source technologies like Kubernetes to deploy cloud native architecture models that support fast, agile application development," said Dan Kohn, Executive Director of The Cloud Native Computing Foundation. " We are pleased to support our members in their efforts to deliver engineered solutions for the modern enterprise "

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