Linggo, Abril 16, 2017

Chef Kalel Demetrio with a Style

Chef Kalel Demetrio – the man behind the name Liquido Maestro (Liquid Master). Started his journey in restaurant business from being a staff worked his way into being a bartender and now  running Liquido Maestro. The chef with passion of his craft, an innovator of concoctions presenting it in style.

Kalel caters to all age bracket of his customers. Offering a different twist to your regular drink. Making you savour the taste of herbs in the special liquid that quenches your thirst and wanting for more. He serves it with showmanship.

Not only can he create drinks of wonder but also food of delights.  He has collaborated with other restaurants creating flavors that are delicious to the palette. He also now have a restaurant where in he shows his kitchen and bar skills.  Like any other chef’s, he believes in stimulating the senses of people to enjoy the bounty coming from Earth.  Not only are his drinks visually and taste bud-dancingly good but also has texture and scent delight.  He likes to explore the local market of a certain place to know the community and see what unknown goods he can harvest and try in his laboratory.  Part of the long list of bars and 
restaurants wherein his creations are featured are:  Big Bad Wolf, Gorda and Green Pasture.

Chef Demetrio a hardworker but never forgets his love ones and friends. He always make it a point to have time and entertain them. Knowing the virtue of balance with work and celebrating life.

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