Miyerkules, Abril 12, 2017


A craving for Japanese dishes will be easily satisfied by a food trip to Yokocho Japanese Foodcourt located at Victory Food Market. It is near Baclaran Church and right besides Berma Shopping Mall. Go straight to the 4th floor  of Victory Food Market where in ten different food stalls offering a variety of Japanese dishes.

Yokocho Japanese Foodcourt is the brainchild of Shingo Jake Akazawa the President of Japan Food Ventures. They offer authentic Japanese cuisines. The head cocinero is Keita Kamimoto with Filipino cocineros.

The Japanese food joint has an extensive menu to satisfy those looking for affordable yet real taste of the Japanese foods.  New eats at this brand new locale after a tiring day of shopping or going to Baclaran church or simply having a gustatory experience.

A sumptuous wide array of their menu  includes freshly made noodles for their ramen, crunchy and juicy vegetables, the best cut flavorful beef and fowl and other ingredients from reliable supplier.

The ambiance of the place is relaxing, clean, simple and very conducive for dining. A parade of the Japanese eats are mouthwatering to the senses and would surely delight the palette.

Yokocho Japanese Foodcourt is perfect for lovers of Japanese flavors since it is affordable and authentic having their head cocinero who is Japanese. So it is Japan in Baclaran Manila!

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