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And just like that a lot of things have changed since we were hit by the pandemic. But the country’s and Asia’s #1 MLM company—FRONTROW—remains at the forefront with its constant expansion and development, and most importantly, continuous efforts to help our community and fellowmen. With this, FRONTROW’s non-stop efforts were celebrated once again as they bagged not just one, but ten major awards at the esteemed Asia Leaders Awards held at the Embassy of Singapore last November 11.


Hailed yearly as the Best Global Company by the Asian Network’s Convention & Expo (ANCE) and previously as the American Association of the Philippines CSR Company of the Year, to name a few, FRONTROW recently took home the following awards at this 2021’s Asia Leaders: Most Trusted & Admired MLM Company, Health & Wellness Company of the Year, Global Company of the Year, MLM Company of the Year, Best Celebrity Ad Campaign in MLM (for Digital Ad with Regine Velasquez-Alcasid), and Most Comprehensive Pandemic Response Movement for its charity arm FRONTROW Cares.


Its company founders were also recognized individually for their game changing moves; CEO Sam Verzosa as the Most Inspiring Entrepreneur Awardee and CEO of the Year, and President RS Francisco as the COVID-19 Hero Awardee and Most Dynamic Entrepreneur. In the recent years, Asia Leaders Awards has built its name as an authority in recognizing household names in their respective industries. Apart from FRONTROW, other trusted brands honored this 2021 were Astra Zeneca, GRAB, J&T Express, FILA and Alfamart.


In their speeches, company founders Verzosa and Francisco both credited their FRONTROW distributors as the main reason and driving force behind all their recognitions. With FRONTROW’s active philanthropic efforts as common knowledge to most, Sam Verzosa shared in his Asia Leaders acceptance speech, “It’s not just us, my business partner RS Francisco and I, who do the helping but we see so many of our leaders do their own initiatives in their different communities as well.” RS Francisco, on the other hand, expressed, “During challenging times like these, I feel that it’s important to think out of the box to come up with actual solutions and to be of more help to others.”


At the height of the pandemic, FRONTROW was able to launch their new all-in-one immune boosting supplement Luxxe ImmunPlus (Made in Australia)—packed with the antiviral and antibacterial Vitamin C, D, Zinc, Turmeric and other powerful natural ingredients. They’ve also come up with programs to help augment the income of their distributors like the FRONTROW ayuda (assistance) which they call XTRA KITA.


Even with its full-blown charitable efforts, especially at this crucial time of pandemic, it is apparent that FRONTROW is an organization that puts its own people first. And as a result, we don’t only see the company, but also their distributors come up with their own efforts to help our community and our country. Hence, a culture of giving and constantly innovating is in the DNA of the most recognized FRONTROW—which continues to be the best and the most revolutionary MLM company in Asia after all these years.


Learn more about FRONTROW at or Facebook page: Frontrow Philippines.

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