Martes, Agosto 29, 2017

HICC- Holistic Integrative Care Center

It was a holiday Monday on August 28, 2017 when a visit to HICC took place. Holistic Integrative Care Center located at UG11 CPT Condominium 6264 Calle Estacion Brgy Pio del Pilar Makati Philippines.

The place was full of patients with their scheduled treatment. The Medical Director Imelda S. Edodollon, MT,MD,NMD; has a busy day ahead. Dr. Meddie makes it a point just to accomodate three patients a day for consultation. An hour or so is alloted to diagnose a patient with their family in attendance in order to get the full history of the sickness. She emphasized that Integrative medicine is the smart practice of conventional medicine and ancient healing with the use of natural medicine. The patient's willingness to get well is outmost important. One must practice everyday proper nutrition for it is the path for good health and recovery. Exercise is vital for the body and spirit. Drinking plenty of water so that the body will be hydrated. Temperance in everything; proper breathing is fundamental in wellness; rest allow our body to renew itself and trust in the Divine Power.

Mr. Jay Mante in charge of PR and Communications showed us the different services offered by the Center. He was administered an Ozone Therapy in order to demonstrate how it is done. OZONE THERAPY is a medical therapy that is a mixture of oxygen and ozone which is called medical ozone. It's benefits are:  antioxidant, improves circulation, pain reliever, improves tissue oxygenation, anti-inflammatory, germicide and immune system stimulant.
Several patients are in the treatment room undergoing CHELATION THERAPY which has the following benefits: helps improve heart health, acts like an antioxidant, lowers pain and swelling, can help fight cognitive disorders and helps lower risk for learning disabilities.

On my part I underwent Intravenous Injection of GLUTATHIONE and VITAMIN C with the administration of nurse Richelle D. Balicat RN. With her gentle hands, I did not feel any pain with the injection of the treatment and with her lively personality the session went on smoothly.

HICC has several services such as: Energy Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Natural Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, Gerson Therapy, Holistic Psychotherapy, Scalar and Photon Electromagnetic Therapy.

With the advent of going ancient healing with the intrgration of conventional medicine HICC has a lot instore for patients
 who wants to regain wellness of the physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness.

For Appointment: Pls. Call or Txt
7445355/ 09360669888/ 09231468686
Open Monday to Saturday ( 10am to 6pm )

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