Martes, Agosto 1, 2017

John15.Rocks, free counseling online!

The Duterte government has given hope to millions of Filipinos for a better Philippines but many feels otherwise. Although the President recognizes the sovereignty of God, the Filipinos, particularly the youth continues to be lost with negative online influences, something must be done.

A few Christian groups have taken arms to fight the real enemy towards a progressive Philippines. One of them is John15.Rocks. Organized by volunteers, John15.Rocks is a website established in March 2017.

It was a burden of 20 years ago, to network what different Christian Charity organizations can do to help those in need. John15.Rocks sees the potential of social media to help the youths who are slowly being imprisoned by their addiction online.

A 12-year old can have easy access to pornography just by playing an online game. Internet also is a venue for cyberbullying, activities for sexual meet-ups that make them open to HIV infections, social media challenges that leads to suicide, and of course violence and immorality.

Christian groups should come together to influence the Filipino youth by exposing them to the right moral values.  Albert Jimenez of relates the problem to statistics that show millennials and generation Z spending an average of 2 to 6 hours in social media each day. It practically takes over their social life, replacing their smartphones as best friend. “If we cannot directly influence our children with values formation, we can meet them halfway in the internet and allow them to see that they have a better choice,” says Albert.

The Philippines is a Catholic nation, and with many Judeo-Christians who wants to spread love, many Filipino youth do not know where or who to connect with. This is how John15.Rocks can help.

As their tagline says, “Usap tayo,” John15.Rocks hopes to reach both parents and childrenand network them to organizations that offers counseling and support groups for those who have family problems. It extends to those who have issues with homosexuality and HIV, drugs and substance abuse, bullying, relationship problems, and those struggling with teenage parenting.

“Christians and charity groups should come together online to do something cohesive” Albert said. He also clarifies that this is not about religion - “It’s not religion, it’s a relationship with the one true God that everyone needs.” He said that if a person believes that there is a creator, help can start from there. “Our mandate is to love one another, as Jesus did,” he further added.

John15.Rocks online campaigns for free counseling (Counseling Referral Program), HIV/AIDS awareness, equipping parents online, and publishing a youth-inspired pictographic devotional, Daily Tinapay.

The name John15.Rocks was inspired by what Jesus said, “This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you” in John 15:12.

If you have the burden to help them, please go to this link to volunteer -

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