Huwebes, Agosto 24, 2017

Health Research community celebrates 11th PNHRS Week; highlights importance of empowering and transforming communities

PASAY CITY, Metro Manila- The country's
health research community, headed by thePhilippine Council for Health Research and Development ( PCHRD ), celebrates the11th Philippine National Health Research System
( PNHRS ) Week on 24-25 August 2017 at Philippine International Convention Center.

The celebration is a gathering of different stakeholders in health research and development to contribute research based solutions to health problems.

With the theme  " Research and Innovations in Health: Empowering and transforming  Communities, " this year's celebration highlights the roles, challenges, and opportunities of health research and innovationin reaching, empowering and transforming the marginalized Filipino communities.

Parallel and plenary sessions revolve around key areas including Drug Addiction and Mental Health, Wealth and Wellness, Psychosocial and Health Concerns of Internally Displaced Persons, Assessment of the Philippine Health Sector Performance, and the National Unified Health Research Agenda ( NUHRA ).

Pre- conference sessions such as Ethics, Society of Health Research Communicators
( SHARE ) Assembly, Philippine Association of Medical Journal Editors ( PAMJE ) Mini Workshop on Research Protocol Writing, Meeting of the Regional Health Research and Development Consortia Secretariat, eHealth Summit were held from 22-23 August 2017 at Hotel Jen Manila.

PNHRS is an integrated national framework for health research in the country which ensures that research contributes to evidence informed health policies and actions. For more details, please contact Ms. Ullyann Carticiano-Garcia at 8377534 or

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