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MEDGATE Telemedicine Now in the Philippines!

Being sick posts several challenges in an individual, aside from not feeling well, one faces the different inconvenience of going to your doctor, the appointment to make, waiting for your turn with the long queue of patients in the clinic or hospital. Not to mention the hustle and bustle of the traffic in the metropolis.

Visiting Medgate office opens a new avenue in medical consultation. It is a Swedish-based   company, that have medical doctors that  will be 24/7 assisting the patients over the phone. They have specialists in the different fields of medicine so that patients will be self assured of the expertise of the doctor they are consulting with. Another advantage is the humane touch that the doctors is extending to the patients, doctors at Medgate are not in a hurry to consult with their patients, in fact the patients may request a callback from them.It's like going back in the olden days when your grandmother feels already well upon seeing her doctor who visits her at home.The software that Medgate uses is secured, not anybody can 
access it. With PHP 2,000 per year one can get unlimited medical consultation even with a medical specialist.With Medgate offering  telemedecine in the Philippines one can experience the convenience in consulting a medical doctor just a call away.  Payments should be deposited to:    

BANK:                                SECURITY BANK
BRANCH:                           MEDICAL PLAZA
ACCOUNT NUMBER:       000-006945-293
The Deposit slip should be sent to

Currently, they do not have dentists and psychiatrists to their team.

Here are the List of their Partners:
HPPI - Health Plan Philippines, Inc.
Insular Health Care
Cocolife – United Coconut Planters Life Assurance
AVEGA Managed Care, Inc.
Generali Life Assurance Philippines, Inc.
PNB Savings Bank



App Downloads:


Medgate Hotlines:
Manila: 02 705 0700
Cebu: 032 265 5111
Davao: 082 285 5111
Dumaguete: 035 522 5111
Globe: 0917 536 2156
Smart: 0998 990 7540
Sun: 0925 714 7794

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