Miyerkules, Marso 28, 2018

Adventure Beach Waterpark @SubicBayPhilippines

Just in time for the summer heat, Adventure Beach WaterPark is now ready for everyone to enjoy. Located at Subic Bay, an affiliate of Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel as well as Ocean Adventure. All Hotel and Ocean Adventure guests may enjoy 30% discount to ABW and has unlimited access to the waterpark during the duration of their stay at Camayan Beach Resort and Ocean Adventure.

Your Adventure Beach has funfilled attractions, such as Twin Twisters Slide; a three storey high tower with two twisting and turning giant slides, where going up the ladder one will have a breathtaking view of the ocean below and feel the excitement of sliding down into the pool.

The Splash and Play for the young and the childlike in us; feeling the rain against our faces and reminishing bathing under the rain. Dancing under the colors of the rainbow at Rainbow Falls. Splashing Seesaw playing with friends and forgetting about the worries in life and just simply having fun.

The Vikings swings from side to side at an increasing speed, the riders will surely be elated with this thrilling and exhilarating experience which can accommodate 18 to 20 persons.

Aqua Serein offers a sprinkler system that simulates rain where one can relax and be refreshed by the coolness of serein which is a french word that means serene or calm.

Beat the heat and have a summer getaway at Adventure Beach WaterPark visit www.adventurebeach.ph

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