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MYPHONE’s HACK TO THE FUTURE – TECH SUMMIT 2018 kickstarts March 23 and 24!

MANILA – To commemorate MyPhone’s 10th Anniversary, the leading Filipino mobile phone brand in the country in partnership with Brown&Proud and BBulletin is set to hold a two-day summit entitled “Hack to the Future” which will focus on the latest tech trends in Digital and Social Media, Technopreneurship, Brand Innovation and disruption that can help Filipino’s Hack to their way to the Future and help them build a better Philippines.

HTTF Tech Summit 2018 is poised to be "the most disruptive Tech Summit event" of the year, gathering industry thought leaders from the Philippines.

The event aims to bring together 800 delegates across a collaborative environment among Schools, Barangays, Non-Profit Organizations, Enterprise & Academe Communities, Government Agencies & Filipino Citizens to deepen their understanding of all things digital.

"Our focus this year is to introduce to the youth and communities the right tools and knowledge for them to move forward with their dreams and be able to create world-class products & services that will help enrich their future," David Lim, CEO and President of MyPhone.
HTTF Tech Summit is two days long to give one day each for students and to the community. The Keynote speakers for this event will be Atty. Elena Sen Lim, the chairman emeritus of Solid Group, Inc. The woman who built brands like SONY, SAMSUNG, KIA among others in the country and Mr. David Lim, the CEO, President and Founder of brands like MyDestiny Cable, MyPhone and Brown&Proud.

To ensure that we can share the best knowledge in this endeavor, HTTF has partnered with Tech4ED, DEVCON, Indigitous, Syntastics Pink, Film Dream, SEO Hacker, VR Philippines, Chibot and ABS-CBN among others to share their continuous innovation and knowledge to our delegates.

The first day is dedicated for the students and will feature workshops, contests, and talks that would enrich their knowledge and challenge their creativity. Here will be a series of plenary talks about the latest developments in technology.
Speakers from the different branches of technology will lend their knowledge all the students so one day they can use technology to shape our future. Headlining Day 1 are Arbie Belmote, ABS-CBN NoInk’s Digital Content and Marketing specialist, together with Queen Elly the best-selling Filipino Author of the socialserye book  and movie “Vince and Kath”, Mr. Jonathan Howard will talk about Artificial Intelligence on what role does AI play in shaping the future. “Robotics” by Mr. Warren Gonzaga, “Virtual Reality” by Christopher David of VR Philippines and “#hack” by Mel Micah of Indigitous.

Simultaneously, there would be a series of workshops and a Hackathon that will happen in the six Focus rooms of the Greensun hotel.

Day two of Hack to the Future will be a day for communities, individuals, and professionals. This event is designed to introduce them to new technology, as well to improve the knowledge they already have.
The Eye, Green Sun’s venue that has the first 360-degree projector in the world, will be day two’s plenary hall. There would be plenary talks that will feature different organizations and professionals. We have flown in a variety of speakers who are experts in their own field, and each will impart at least one bit of know-how that can help you hack your way to the future.
Headlining Day 2 are Ms. Tintin Bersola-Babao, a respected TV Anchor and Celebrity Entrepreneur, She will talk about how a success stories of an entrepreneur thru social media, Mr. Jay Jaboneta, the guy behind the yellow boat project and Chief Marketing officer of Chibot will talk about “Experience Economy” and Mr. Elmer Robles,  Phinclusion Inc.’s Chief Technology Officer. He will discuss the disruptive “Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence”.  We’ve also invited more speakers for this event with the likes of Engr. Grace Nicolas, Founder of Tag Media, Mr. Robert Laurel Yupangco, President of Yupangco Group of Companies, Dr. Elton See Tan, President of MTFI / E-hotels, Direk Cedric Hornedo of Brown IoT Products, Dean Jonathan Petalver of Brown Academy, Mr. Beda Manalac, The History of Brown, Mr. Genesis Reonico of Digital Careers, Ms. Tess Camba of Technology for Economic Development, Atty. Jocelle Batapa, Sigue who will discuss about Inclusive Innovation, Ms. Emmy Lou Versosa-Delfin of Startups Laurene Tugaoen of SIPAG, Mr. Mel Micah Catalon of Indigitous - Civic Hacking, Direk Alfredo Ongleo of FilmDream  and Ms. Kristine Ricafort of  Bbulletin,.

Simultaneously there will be a series of talks, workshops, and the continuation and conclusion of the Hackathon.
This event is co-presented by ZED, TNT and SMART. HTTF has also partnered with ABS-CBN Publishing, ABS-CBN TVPLus, HOOQ, Speed Magazine, Vitagreen-C, David’s Salon, YSA Skin and Body Experts, SIPAG, DO IT RIGHT, PUP Sta. Mesa, University of Sto. Tomas, Brown Academy,  Tag Med

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