Lunes, Marso 12, 2018


After our hefty breakfast at Camayan Beach Resort. We're off to Ocean Adventure, which is just a few minutes ride from the Resort. On board the bus we we're given garland, I choose my favorite color of orange matching my outfit. Tshirt with ocean adventure design was also provided to everyone. The tourists spirit is really in the air.

As we arrived at Ocean Adventure, group of students are in the Fish Spa. One can see the smiles in their faces as the fishes kissed their feet, and enjoying the relaxing foot spa.

Our tour guide ushered us to Ocean Discovery Aquarium. The beauty of the underwater creatures right at our very sight. Live corals dancing with the water as the fishes play with it. Different species inhabiting the ocean with their vibrant colors, sizes, forms at close encounter. Magnifying the wondrous creation of the Almighty God.

Next on line is the Wild World Show . Trained animals, birds, snakes doing their stunt with their trainors and enteracting with the audience. Some of the expectator were brave enough to hold and have pictures taken with the big phyton.  An endigenous brother showed how to start a fire using bamboo materials by rubbing it against each bamboo sticks. To the amazement of everyone fire was produced.

To emphasized the importance of caring for the environment and the right disposal of garbages a dramatization was enacted. The performers made it so much fun to watched  because it was delivered in a musical form. Inviting volunter audience participation. Indeed there is a need for each one of us in doing our part to save the ocean and earth for the future generation.

At the seaside stadium, the dolphins show captivates the audience in awe, with their different antics, the flipping and dancing in the air of the well trained dolphins. The  coordinated tricks with their trainor amazing the entire crowd, young and not so young alike.

Our last stop is the Sea Lions Show, A brave young spectator was asked to imitate whatever the sea lion does, In one of the act, the young lad almost slided over the water. One can see the fear in his eyes when he almost fell in the pond. But in one of the succeeding number where in, he has to enact the sliding trick of the sea lion, he really tumbled into the water. Good thing he immediately surmounted the pool. The host announced that he could change in the souvenir shop for dry goods from head to toe. The sea lions many tricks was so entertaining; that time seem to quicky passed by.

Ocean Adventure " Galore " is best to describe our educational, entertaining, enjoyable, fun-filled day with human and wonderful creations of the Almighty God.

Once more our deepest appreciation to the entire ensemble of Ocean Adventure:

Belen Figueras - Ocean Adventure Park
                              Operations Head

Grace Rebogio - Marketing OIC

                    Mr. Robert Ianne Gonzaga :
CEO & President of Subic Bay Marine Exploration Inc.

Joann Rosales - Camayan  Beach Resort OIC

Chef Emmar Nuevo - Executive Chef

Leo Laverio - Dining Supervisor

Christine Gocotano - Dining Supervisor

 Jaebi Scobba Murillo - Digital Marketing

Arjay De Guzman - Assistant

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