Lunes, Marso 5, 2018

CAMAYAN BEACH RESORT " An Interlude with Nature "

Feeling the heat of the onset of an early summer,  what an appropriate timing for this invitation for a getaway in Camayan beach resort at Subic Bay Philippines. Travelling with wanderlusts friends in a bus half empty was so comfortable and restful.
As the bus stopover in food outlets, vendors board inside offering refreshment, fruits and all sorts of goods for sale.
I decided to buy some oranges to satiate our tummies.

At the designated terminal in Olongapo City Jaebi Murillo Digital Marketing Supervisor, with Arjay De Guzman of Camayan Beach Resort met us to bring us to our much awaited destination.
Upon arrival at the beach entrance refreshing drinks of a thirst quenching concoction, in a very decorative glass was offered and cocktails were laid out in a very appetizing set up. The Executive Chef Emmar Nuevo and friendly staffs were all very hospitable and accommodating to give us a warm welcome. Here we experienced communing with the ocean, feeding the fishes was such an enjoyable activity wherein pieces of bread were thrown into the school of   " banak " and " samaral " and one can witness the fishes swimming to get their food, such a lovely sight.

Then we were ushered into  the airconditioned  Seahorse function room in time for the main course for lunch. An array of dishes was one by one served into our table starting from seafood chowder soup which is one of my favorite, kare kare a specialty dish of my mom;  pinakbet with lechon kawali on top, crispy pata, sauteed vegetables, bullalo, lechon kawali, grilled pink salmon, the arrival of different dishes seemed to be endless. Leo Laverio and Christine Gotocano dining supervisors were hands full making sure that everyone were enjoying their meal. A variety of fruits, cakes desserts was a delight to pallete. Our table wasn't able to contain the overflowing and sumptuous feasts.

After indulging in the extraordinary lunch, we're so full, that checking in the hotel is much anticipated.The room is native inspired using banig as headboard and the high ceiling making the space charming, comfortable and stylish.
A little siesta rejuvinated our body that it's time to pay homage to the enchanting waves of the crystal clear water, unending beaches, sunshine and a chance to cool off and play with the rolling ocean as it embraces my entire body with it's salty spray and dazzling sound.

As dinner approaches we dressed up for this occasion. The buffet was specially arranged at The Reef at the beach front, with red carpet for us to walked on. The sounds and splash of the waves is so relaxing, so sweet to the ears that it calms your soul.

The next day we made it a point to wake up early to savor our interlude with the impressive view of the surroundings. The veranda outside our room have a magnificent seaview offering perfect combination of warmth and wind against your hair. On our way to our breakfast we encountered monkeys roaming around, there should be total harmony with local wildlife and the surrounding ecosystem. Signages are posted reminding guests not to feed the monkeys and not to stay close with them, because they might bite and ran after you.

At the breakfast buffet, Chef is on hand to prepare our omellette, I ordered fillings of mushrooms, red pepper, cheese, white onions ...kudos and muchas gracias to all personnel of Camayan beach resort for making our stay treasured memories. The day is not yet over cause we have to proceed to  Ocean Adventure Park! That's another page to tell.

To those who want to retreat from the hectic City Life, Camayan Beach Resort is the place to be! The abundant afforestation, blissful serene sanctuary, offering simple luxury in unity with nature at a tropical living. Wordly cares can be forgotten revitilazing your body and soul.

A heartfelt thanks to the Camayan Resort Personnels for their 6stars ****** " Filipino Hospitality " and accommodations!

Joann Rosales - Camayan Beach Resort OIC

Ocean Adventure Personnel:

Belen Figueras - Ocean Adventure Park Operations Head

Marketing: Grace Rebogio - Marketing OIC

CEO and President of Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium Inc:
Mr. Robert Ianne Gonzaga

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